Our Dragonite® solid Glass Beads are produced from high quality and pure-type soda lime glass. The unique washing and polishing process, without addition of environment endangering additives such as hydro-fluoric acids, gives the beads a pure, uncontaminated and shiny surface. 

Dragonite® beads exceed the industry standards in all properties including: High Density, Abrasive Resistance, Uniform Size, Completely Spherical, Ease of Cleaning, No Slivers, Broken or Fused Pieces, High Impact Strength, Corrosion Resistance, no Contamination of Product, No Surface Cracks and Reduced Mill Ware. 

With Dragonite® you can see the big difference in shape, with Dragonite® you can achieve a big difference in results.

Dragonite® Beads are Lead Free Glass (specific gravity 2.55) and are available in the widest range of sizes (from 1-20 microns to 25 mm) in the most uniform and completely spherical shape.

Wherever perfection and precision are required, Dragonite® Beads are used, i.e.

  • milling agent for color pigments, paints, and coatings

  • polishing agent in the optical industry

  • in the production of magnetic coatings, ie on audio and video tapes

  • mixing agent in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

  • an auxiliary agent for mechanical coatings (galvanizing) of small metallic parts

  • stirring and mixing beads in aerosols

  • precision beads in the ball bearing industry

  • in ink cartridges

  • in grinding mills for wet milling

  • glass bead blasting

  • deburring and finishing


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